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The Transgenerational Encounter Project is about all of us. It deals with the interrelations between two parts within us: the aggressor and the victim. These are present in all conflicts no matter wether they are inner oder interpersonal, collective, between smaller or bigger groups of people, historical or actual. It is a professional psychodrama training process, but it also uses various other methods (e.g. Expressive Arts Therapy) and is open for everybody who wants to deal with this topic in his / her own life or family.
No prior experience in psychodrama is necessary.

In a dynamic active unmasking group workshop we encounter the traces of the Holocaust in our present life. We will explore the different ways we internalise experiences in the roles of the aggressor and the victim. This experience may bring an encounter with the “other” and the “different”.

Peace is not the lack of conflicts. We believe that our work should be devoted to learning how to live with the conflicts. The first step of such a process is to learn to accept the “other”. Instead of projecting the own unaccepted shadows to others we believe that it is more important and effective to encounter the enemy within ourselves. This may not lead to forgiveness or reconciliation, but can heal some of the wounds. Above all, it may open a dialogue.

Read a detailed text of Yaacov Naor and Hilde Gött:

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We chose Oswiecim as our place of working because of its symbolic powerful reminder of the past in the present. Parts of the workshop will take place in a Psychodrama training institute in Krakow.

The Krakow-Auschwitz Psychodrama Project is a european based event under the umbrella of the Psychodrama Assciation for Europe. It is open to participants from Europe and other international countries and cultures. The language will be English with different translations.

Our project is open to:

  • students in training,
  • professionals who wish to deepen their understanding and knowledge,
  • others who are personally interested in the subjects “Traces of the Holocaust in the Present” and “Encounter with the Other and the Different”.

The leaders of this project are living examples of the fruits of this dialogue. They have been involved in creating a space for encounters between Jews and Germans from the Post-Second World War generation. Members of the follwing generations contribute because they see how important it is to carry this work forward to the times after the death of the last living witnesses. We want to develop new forms of work for remeberance and mutual recognition.

The Krakow-Auschwitz Psychodrama Project will take place immediately after the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow.
See further information about the festival: