About us + PAfE

The leaders of this project are living examples of the fruits of this dialogue. They have been involved in creating a psychodramatic space for encounters between Jews and Germans from the Post-Second World War generations.

YAACOV NAOR– born in Germany in a DP camp to parents who are both Holocaust survivors.
Training Director M.A., C.A.G.S., T.E.P., Founder and Director of ISIS ISRAEL- Psychodrama and Intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy Center in Tel-Aviv. He was Certified Therapist, Trainer and Supervisor in Psychodrama and EAT. He has been teaching in these fields in Europe, USA, Canada and Israel for the last 30 years.

∗ Yaacov developed this project together with Hilde Goett beginning in the 1990s. He became diseased and passed away in 2018. We accepted his heritage to continue this work.∗

HILDE GOETT– born in Romania as a granddaughter of SS members whose wives were deported to Siberia. Trainer Director, MSc Psychodramapsychotherapy.
Hilde is Certified Trainer and Supervisor (DGSv) of Psychodrama for the “Psychodrama Association for Europe”(PAfE) and has been teaching more than 20 years in Germany and Europe. She is a Children and Adolescent Therapist, focusing on trauma, domestic violence and suicidal cases.

ELINOR ZALMONA-BOLLAG– Born in Israel as a granddaughter of immigrants from Poland.
The parents, sisters and brothers of her grandmother were killed by the Nazis in the forest near Konin, Poland, together with the majority of the town’s Jewish community. Graduated from the departments of Anthropology and theater studies at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, certified as qualified expressive therapist specialized in psychodrama. Elinor has worked especially with children and parents in the private and public sectors and as group’s facilitator in clinical, social and educational context. She is the mother of four girls and lives together with her familiy in Berlin.

Dania Appel– born in Switzerland as a daughter of a survivor of the Shoah. Her father, together with his little sister, managed to escape from Berlin to England with the last «Kindertransport». All the other members oft he german family were killed in Ausschwitz. Graduated in Educational Sciences, C.A.G.S. in Intermodal Arts Therapy, certified trainer in Transgenerastional Therapy, Dania works with alkohol addict people, as a teacher and therapist in the Intermodal Arts Therapy training, in her private praxis, as a group facilitator in social and hospital context. She is living in Geneva.

MANFRED JANNICKE– born 1965 in Berlin into a family consisting of NSDAP/Wehrmacht members to the one and socialist/communist party members to the other side. Manfred graduated as a male nurse, social pedagogue, certified Leader of Psychodrama (PAfE/DFP) and supervisor and serves as head of a diaconal organisation for protection and welfare of children, adolescents and their families. He is father of two children, also living in Berlin.

The Psychodrama Association for Europe is a charitable institute for the development and training of Psychodrama, action methods and Sociometry.
Colleagues from all over europe and abroad thereby support a peaceful and creative coexistence of the people(s).